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Essential Oils - Organic from Soil-to-Oil

Empower your family's health with 34 of our
100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.
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Peppermint Leaf
What is an essential oil?
Essential oils are the “ESSENCE” of the plant.

They are the liquid aromatic volatile compounds extracted from the plant in its’ purest and most potent form.

Through the extraction process, the plant's intrinsic beneficial properties are concentrated into a precious liquid we call, Essential Oil.
Why Bare Oils?
Our secret to creating the most powerful therapeutic grade essential oils is to harness nature’s purest gifts by exclusively partnering with artisans around the world that are only USDA Organic Certified.

You know organic is ALWAYS better, but in the case of essential oils, being organic is VITAL to the quality, effectiveness, and, most importantly, the safety of the oil.

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USDA Organic
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How do I use essential oils?
There are 4 wonderous main uses for essential oils. You can topically apply them, ingest them, diffuse them, or use them for personal care. Their benefits, solutions, and experiences for you to enjoy are virtually limitless!

People everyday are taking advantage of essential oils and using them to lower their stress levels, relieve pain, and improve their mood.

People of all ages and cultures are using them to purify their home, boost energy, create home remedies, and even lose weight!

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When it comes to your health and essential oil, don’t compromise. Experience Bare Oils, all natural USDA Certified Organic Soil-to-Oil, delivered to you and the ones you love in its safest and truest form.

Nature has never been more powerful.

Organic Kit
Experience the life-enhancing powers of the Bare Oils Living Organic Kit! This premium kit is designed to be a comprehensive and fun introduction to the power of Bare Oils. It includes a hand-picked selection of our most versatile essential oils.

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Oils on Oils. Everyday Solutions just Naturally Better
Enrich your life everyday with Bare oils and YOR Health’s 360 revolutionary approach.
Look better, feel better. Rediscover natural ways to get the energy and vitality you deserve.
Everything you need is already inside nature.
Boost Energy Blend 15mlAromaticTopical Cypress 15mlAromaticTopical Marjoram 15mlAromaticTopicalNo Dilution
Clear Mind Headache Relief Blend 15mlAromaticTopicalNo Dilution Eucalyptus 15mlAromaticTopical Myrtle 15mlAromaticTopical
Purify Protective Blend 15mlAvoid Direct SunlightAromaticTopicalNo Dilution Fennel 15mlAromaticTopicalNo Dilution Orange 15mlAvoid Direct SunlightAromaticTopicalNo Dilution
Sweet Dreams Sleep Blend 15mlAvoid Direct SunlightAromaticTopical Frankincense 15mlAromaticTopicalNo Dilution Oregano 15mlAromaticTopicalNo Dilution
Basil 15mlAromaticTopicalNo Dilution Geranium 15mlAromaticTopicalNo Dilution Patchouli 15mlAromaticTopicalNo Dilution
Bergamot 15mlAvoid Direct SunlightAromaticTopicalNo Dilution Ginger 15mlAvoid Direct SunlightAromaticTopicalNo Dilution Peppermint 15mlAromaticTopicalNo Dilution
Black Pepper 5mlAromaticTopicalNo Dilution Juniper 5mlAromaticTopicalNo Dilution Pink Grapefruit 15mlAromaticTopicalNo Dilution
Cardamom 5mlAromaticTopicalNo Dilution Lavender 15mlAromaticTopicalNo Dilution Rosemary 15mlAromaticTopicalNo Dilution
Cinnamon Bark 5mlAromaticTopicalHeavier Dilution Lemon 15mlAvoid Direct SunlightAromaticTopicalNo Dilution Sage 15mlAromaticTopical
Citronella 15mlAromaticTopicalNo Dilution Lemongrass 15mlAromaticTopicalNo Dilution Tea Tree 15mlAromaticTopical
Clary Sage 15mlAromaticTopicalNo Dilution Lime 15mlAvoid Direct SunlightAromaticTopicalNo Dilution Vetiver 5mlAromaticTopicalNo Dilution
Clove 15mlAromaticTopicalModerate Dilution
Aromatic Aromatic Topical Topical No Dilution Internal without dilution Moderate Dilution Internal with moderate dilution Heavier Dilution Internal with heavier dilution Avoid Direct Sunlight Avoid direct sunlight and UV rays for at Topical least 12 hours after topical application
Bare Oils Bliss
300ml Ultrasonic Diffuser
Easy-to-Use, Tranquil & Powerful
Experience your path to health, peace, and serenity with the Bliss Ultrasonic Diffuser. By using high-frequency ultrasonic electrical vibrations to create a powerful aromatherapy mist, the integrity and holistic properties of your Bare Oil will remain true and pure.
  • Whisper quiet
  • 15 LED color & light settings
  • 3 timer settings or 8-10 hours on
  • Auto shut-off when empty
  • Aromatherapy Diffuser
  • Humidifier
  • Air Purifier
  • Ionizer

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